Ian Vaz’s Biography


Very lucky to have been born into a family and the city I love so much.

I was born in 1995 in Rio de Janeiro. Has always been influenced by my father to surf and my brother, Caio. When I started surfing, on the little waves, he was already on the outside waves. In fact that’s what they tell me, what is recorded in photographs, because I do not remember anything from that time.

After learning to swim and drop buoys arm, continued to enjoy surfing. At age 8, we traveled a lot to Iriri in Espirito Santo with our family. There’re not many waves there, but we always surfed on the micro-waves of Praia dos Namorados, who at that time were the best waves in the world to me! I think I was still really scared of waves, but the little waves were so small that we don’t even need to duck dive. At that age, I already attended some championships shortboard in Pre-Petit category for surfers up to eight years. I like to compete, but the batteries only lasted 15 minutes and usually I lost in the first …

Despite the defeats discouraged, kept competing all the stages of the Carioca Championship of Surf past the Petit categories (under-10), Gromets (under-12), Iniciante (under 14) and Mirim (sub-16). I think my best time was under 14 when I managed to get some finals. But, I always ended in fourth place. I like to believe that I was so happy to get to the finals that ended forgetting surf.

At age 11 I got my first surfboard shaped especially for me. It was a 5 ft Ricardo Martins, drawn with a guitar, one of my passions of the time! With it, in the same year, I embarked on my first surf trip. I went to the Baía Formosa Beach, in Rio Grande do Norte, where good waves took a whole month of my summer vacation.

Time passed and I distanced myself from surfing competitions. Continued to surf, but indecision spoke louder, I practiced basketball, football, tennis, rowing, gymnastics, skateboarding and even snowboarding (there is not snow in Brasil)! I ended up exchanging a surf trip a month pro Peru for a week in the snow of Chile, to the surprise of my parents. At school grades were good and although I didn’t really like the books. Studied a year the hole day to join the Colegio Pedro II, one of the best in Rio. Continued getting even more far from surfing.

When I was 14, Stand Up Paddle was finally discovered by our family. In a summer without waves and very cold water, my father bought a SUP eleven feet – only for some paddles and crossings. I mean, that was the intention. But the first time waves where more than half a meter, everyone was fighting to try and catch a wave with that Titanic size board. It took about thirty seconds, and I fall in love with SUP.

Now a days, I compete on the Stand Up World Tour. Had a 7th Place on the 2013 SUWT Ranking, and ended 2014 as the Brazilian National Champion.