Caio Vaz’s Biography


Since I was very young my father took me to the beach. As he was a surfer, pushed me in the first marolinhas of my life, when I was about four years. A passion for the sea, the waves and the surf only increased during my childhood and adolescence. Competed very short board for 11 years and started training with unforgettable Caio Monteiro. Great coach, who at the time headed the Carioca and Brazilian team in the major amateur championships. I learned a lot: techniques of surfing and competition strategies in battery, which I use to this day.

It was also during this time that Sergio Mattos of 40 Graus Models booker called me to take some photos and model. That was the beginning of my modeling career, which worked very well until I was 15. The climax was when I visited New York and ended up coming out on the cover of ID magazine London.

At 14 he auditioned for the novel “Three Sisters,” Globo TV. I was already doing acting classes on about three years and I quite liked, although I thinked I wasn’t really good at it.  Still, I was chosen to spent a year recording! Always loved the surf, but I realized I was falling behind in the short board championship . At 17 I lost my sponsor and stopped competing, but I never stopped going to the beach and surfing. With or without sponsorship, it’s what I love doing.

Then, in the summer of 2009/2010, my father decided to buy a SUP 11 feet. The giant surfboard was just for paddling and use while the sea was flat, but we realized it was much cooler catch the Little summer waves on SUP than on short board! I Traveled to the winter season in Hawaii and when I returned, my brother, Ian, was already ripping with the SUP. He inspired me a lot and I went behind his steps. The Stand Up Paddle was grewing Fast, as the new high Performance boards as well, along with us.

On another trip to Hawaii, I was in the house of Bruno Lemos, a major Brazilian photographers who lives there. I learned a lot about cameras and filming and bought a nice video camera! When I returned to Brazil started filming and editing images of our Surf Sessions. We created a channel on YouTube, and after the second video, came the “The Vaz Brothers”! We continue to record our participation in championships and surf trips, until we got a meeting with the director of the newly created Channel OFF, Globosat. He knew our work and liked videos on our YouTube channel and,  “Vaz Brothers + Canal Off” series was created. The program is about our travels in search of the best spots to practice SUP and has had three seasons already.

In 2011, Our sponsors at the time (Art in Surf and Bintang),Sponsored us to a trip to Hawaii to compete in the last leg of the World Tour that year, Big Island. In Hawaii, I began participating in the trials, I got to the final and got a spot in the main event. I was very happy. I made the firsts rounds and in the quarterfinals I got a heavy heat, with the champions Kai Lenny and Leco Salazar. I Don’t know how, but I finished this Heat in first place! I lost in the semi-final, but my participation in the heat of the quarter made me really excited for competing more and more!

Since 2012, Ian and I compete in the SUP World Tour, which has five or six annual steps, in places such as Hawaii, Tahiti, France, Caribbean, California, United Arab Emirates and Brazil. In 2012, I completed my first year on the circuit in the 5th place overall and in my second year, I made it to three finals and finished in 2nd place in the overall ranking.

2014 was my third year at the Stand Up World Tour and got my firsts victories in the World Tour! That was in Sunset Beach, Hawaii, the best stage of the year. I did not think was going to win, it was awesome! Only three Brazilians have won a surfing competition in Sunset and I was one of them, the first SUP. Further, I won the second stage of the year, in Alagoas. I arrived two weeks prior to adapt to the waves and place. It worked! I finished the year in 2nd place overall and Next Year There is More!